Due to the enthusiasm of the non-Iranian audience to the speeches of the scholar Alireza Panahian, the International Section of the Bayan Manavi Institute (The Official Office for the Compilation and Publication of the Works of Alireza Panahian) has increased its effort to translate his speeches and productions into some of the international languages. Although the process of producing this output and translating them is very costly, your reception and comments encourage and motivate us to increase and improve these productions.

We will be honoured to in addition to benefitting from your unsparing spiritual support, to be able to upgrade the quantity and quality of our productions by receiving your financial support, so that all of us may be a part of advancing this valuable way.


We thank you in advance for the time that you spend.

Unfortunately, due to the limitations on banking and international dealings with Iran, we are forced to temporarily receive your help by way of “Ziraat Bank of Turkey” or by digital currency. If you are not familiar with this procedure, don’t worry. This process is very simple and safe, and it may be done in several simple steps as follows:


Making a bank deposit by way of visa, master card, etc. is a very simple process and your information will be kept private.


Go to the page https://yekpay.me/panahian and register any amount that you wish, and also fill in some of the information. There is no need for all the information requested to be filled in completely and correctly, and the process of making a deposit may be done without that. At the end, press the “pay” button.(If the amount that you wish to deposit is more than 5 Euros, there is no need to register in the Yekpay website.)


If it is the first time that you are using this banking portal, you must register in it. The information needed for registration only includes your name, Email address and some basic information, and it is safe in terms of confidentiality.


Your support for Mr. Panahian may be carried out this easily.




In the second form of making a deposit, payment may be made through cryptocurrency as follows:
Open a free digital account in one of various sites, which are specifically for this purpose:

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Transfer the Cryptocurrency to the digital account number of the Bayan Manavi Institute at the address:










It is necessary to mention that in the process of buying bitcoin, websites will require some personal information from you for authentication. This matter is related to the domestic laws of each country, and there will be no difficulty about keeping your information confidential or ensuing consequences for you.


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بیان ها راهکار راهبرد آینده نگری سخنرانی گفتگو خاطرات روضه ها مثال ها مناجات عبارات کوتاه اشعار استاد پناهیان قطعه ها یادداشت کتابخانه تالیفات مقالات سیر مطالعاتی معرفی کتاب مستندات محصولات اینفوگرافیک عکس کلیپ تصویری کلیپ صوتی موضوعی فهرست ها صوتی نوبت شما پرسش و پاسخ بیایید از تجربه... نظرات شما سخنان تاثیرگذار همکاری با ما جهت اطلاع تقویم برنامه ها اخبار مورد اشاره اخبار ما سوالات متداول اخبار پیامکی درباره ما درباره استاد ولایت و مهدویت تعلیم و تربیت اخلاق و معنویت هنر و رسانه فرهنگی سیاسی تحلیل تاریخ خانواده چندرسانه ای تصویری نقشه سایت بیان معنوی بپرسید... پاسخ دهید...